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Bookfair program

Friday, 7th April 2017

15:00 - 21:00
AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11 MAP]

Bookfair - come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines...

15:00 - 18:00
AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]


CryptoParty is a decentralized global initiative that is introducing basic cryptography tools such as public key encryption (PGP/GPG), OTR (Off The Record messaging), anonymity networks I2P and Tor, and Tails live operating system to the wider audiance.
CryptoParty was conceived as a response to the passage of the Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill in 2011, and spreading the knowledge about impeding surveillance of communications is good and usefull because similar legistation is still being proposed and will be put into effect sooner or later.
Bring your laptops, min 4 GB USB flash drives, your knowledge, curiosity and paranoia. We will surely convince you that your data is not reallly yours, and show you how to keep it at least a litte bit safer.

15:30 - 17:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

IIRSA: Massive Destruction Weapon

97.7% of the South American territory is being transformed forever. And with that, the totality of our lives. The IIRSA (South American Regional Infrastructure Initiative) is a mega-project at the continental level, carried out by all the South American states with the support, financing and coordination of the International Monetary Fund, an imperialist platform that generates the guidelines of the world economy. Its objective is to redesign the geography of the continent by creating a whole new network of infrastructures to facilitate, expedite and intensify the extraction of the so-called natural resources, which are nothing more than the elements that make life possible in this territory. Through the construction of roads, ports, hydro and thermoelectric power, airports, bridges, tunnels, among countless projects, which are the outpost of the extractivist machine that loot the territories, bringing with it nothing more than death. IIRSA is a weapon of mass destruction.
It is the greatest project of territorial reordering that has ever been carried out in the world, comparable only with the arrival and European invasion of America.
In front of the voracious monster that grows in front of us, in front of the death sentence that imposes us. Resistance is vital and urgent.
Presentation by member of "Mingako", an anarchist magazine about eco-struggle in Chile and South America.

17:00 - 19:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

The greek pro-Milosevic narrative as an anti-imperialist narrative and the rise of populism inside and outside the movement

As the authors of anti-authoritarian balkan site “our baba doesn't say fairy tales“ and people are trying to follow closely the situation of eastern Europe we are willing to hold an prresentation of the BAB 2017 on Zagreb. Our Basic point will be:
1.Crisis of modern national states in their traditional forms and the rise of populism in the mainstream politics of the right and the left.
2.The Formation of the movement of the squares as the mirror image of populism
3. the Rise of anti-imperialist narrative in greece as a national strategy and inside the movement
4. The SYRIZA phenomenon, the ANEL Golden Dawn and other anti-imperialist right wing formations
5. Anti-imperialism and nationalism in the greek non parliamentary left and anti-authritarian movement. Their interpretation of Milosevic, Putin, Stalin, and the eastern Ukraine conflict.
6. Is there an exodus on this kind of analysis?

19:00 - 21:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Huligladni (film and discussion about uprising in BiH)

Huligladni is a documentary about the February uprising that took place in 2014 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, made by the video-collective Year01. The film is based on interviews made with participants to the movement such as workers in Tuzla, and people active in plenums in several cities in BiH, both during the events and in the following months. It explores the reasons behind the revolt as well as the outcome of the movement.
Film produced by Year 01-Videocollective, a group based in Berlin. It was formed in February 2014 during the uprising in Bosnia.
It is independent of any state or NGO and self-funded.
Year 01-Videocollective is not for the improvement of the existing system but for the destruction of all its constitutive social relations (labor, gender, religion, nation, state...)

EXHIBITION (all three days)

Vlado Martek: Imprisoned Art

When we move art which aims to publicly agitate into context of exhibition and bookfair, even if that bookfair is an anarchist one, that art becomes imprisoned because it loses part of its purpose, just like any livig being loses part of its life when imprisoned.
Concept of the exhibition created itself by the fact that we can get out of the created frame just by abandoning frame itself and to refuse any participation in it.
Inspite of all inforced values and concepts of social life, Vlado Martek's agitations and samizdat's communicate something else: they are anarchic expression of social action that send signals to those likeminded and enemies about the existant pockets of resistance.


Saturday, 8th April 2017

10:00 - 20:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Bookfair come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines...

14:00 - 16:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Panel on squatting and autonomous spaces

Squatting in the Netherlands

A squatter from Rotterdam will give a brief update on the current situation regarding squatting in the Netherlands. In a nutshell, the movement is shrinking as occupation becomes more difficult - a result of both external and internal factors. This is frustrating since the possibility to squat remains a great option for anarchist organisation.

Autonomous spaces in Slovenia - repression in the moment of militarization of society

In the midst of increasing militarization, racism, security discourse, and state control of Slovenian society in the past two years, defending and expanding autonomous spaces became one of the centers of radical activities. With autonomous projects remaining one of the last open and inclusive spaces of radical gestures by building relations beyond all forms of oppression, they became the targets of both, Neo Nazi attacks and state repression. Constant precarious situation and immediate threats to our spaces and communities on one hand brought massive burnouts and exciting discovery of new accomplices among sister spaces on the other. New reality also opened up a set of questions we will try to address in this talk.
How do we understand autonomy and solidarity in new terrain of struggle? What role do autonomous spaces play in organizing against rising fascism all over the world? How do we built long term strategies of survival and community? What is the role of autonomous spaces in broader social unrest? How do we deal with attempts by the state and capital to institutionalize, legalize, neutralize such spaces through repression, gentrification, turistification and recuperation?
Join comrades from five different squats from Slovenia (Metelkova, Rog, Inde, Argo and Sokolc) in discussion about the role of autonomous spaces in new geography of struggles. Event will be hosted by FAO-IFA (Slovenia, Croatia).

16:00 - 18:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Anarchist Resistance in the Trump Era

How did Trump come to power, and what does that tell us about the era we are entering? What strategies are anarchists in the USA using to counter Trump’s agenda and the rise of grassroots nationalism? Framing Trump’s victory in a global context, we will discuss the new context for social struggles and explore the approaches to self-organization and self-defense that anarchists have employed in the United States since the end of 2016.
Presentation by

18:00 - 21:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Panel on migration

Migrants' situation in Greece one year after E.U. - Turkey agreement

- Public manipulation in Greece from crowd control in Idomeni to the eviction of migrants' squats in Thessaloniki.
- Segregation, suicide attempts and deaths in "refugee camps".
- The new dispersing process: migrants scattered across distanced neighborhoods in order to prevent collective struggles.
- Planed chaos as deterrence strategy.
- Refugees as NGO “commodities”.
- Attempts of migrants self-organizing / human relations, solidarity and interaction with parts of the social movement in Greece.
Presentation by Clandestina (Thessaloniki)

Dublin 4

Discussion on deportation of migrants to Croatia based on Dublin 4 Agreement, the impact and the future  of the agreement after signing Dublin 4 and how EU will apply that.

Free the Röszke 11. Struggle for freedom of imprisoned migrants in Hungary and beyond

In September 2015 Hungary sealed off its border to refugees who arrived via the so-called Balkanroute. Thousands of people stranded at the Hungarian fence; days of protests and conflicts with Hungarian border guards followed. During the clashes the Hungarian police arbitrarily arrested 11 people and accused them of ‘illegal border crossing’, ‘participation in mass riots’ and ‘terrorism’ (in Ahmad H.’s case). The accused have been charged with 1 to 10 years in Prison. The prosecutor as well as the defence lawyers appealed the sentences. The processes are therefore continuing on the second level court. A transnational alliance is calling for the release of the imprisoned and is supporting them locally.
The Röszke 11 case shows clearly: Refugees who do not behave like victims that need saving - but claim and demonstrate for their rights - are systematically criminalised. Not only in Hungary, also in other European countries, refugees who dared to protest have trails running against them. What does it mean for Europe, when refugee-protests are constructed as acts of terrorism? What can we learn from the current developments in Hungary, where the far-right Fidez party is already the ruling party?  Where the last rights that refugees have are being suspended, the civil society is intimidated and solidarity-activists criminalised?

Sunday 9th April 2017

10:00 - 15:00
[AKC Medika , Pierottijeva 11]

Bookfair - come and have coffee or tea, look for the book you missed the previous days, and spend your sunday morning in a pleasant company... . That would be the closure of the 11th Balkan anarchist bookfair.