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Bookfair program

Friday, 3th April 2009

15:00 - 21:00
[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium, see MAP]

Bookfair - come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines... See list of participants.

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

LUNCH - Food, not bombs! (Hrana, a ne oružje!) is serving a free vegan lunch.

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Presentation of MASA (Network of anarcho-syndicalists) activities

Network of anarcho-syndicalist (MASA) is anarcho-syndicalist organisation founded in February 2008 by individuals and groups interested in this kind of workers organising. In one year of networks existance MASA participated and organised numerous actions. Acitivists will present their past work, means and ideas on which this organisation is based and relevance of anarcho-syndicalism in contemporary society. Also, they will present some future plans for action.

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Grassroot Tenants Organizing

Presentation on grass-root-tenants-organizing against the house-owners/house-companies and their politics of rising living-costs - on examples rrom Berlin and Warsaw. Presentation includes four main parts:

a) Short overview of historical examples of tenants rent-strikes in Europe;
b) Examples of organizing and ideas developed in last two years by local
communities in Warsaw and Berlin;
c) Quick report from "Tenants Meeting" in Warsaw which takes place in Warsaw exactly week before Zagreb Bookfair.
d) Some words on involvement of anarchist groups in these processes in both cities, as well as, an attempt to make some reflections which could be useful for anarchists- and no anarchists- tenants in other places.

Presentation by anarchist activist from Berlin involved in tenants organising there.

gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Presentation of Ispod plocnika

Free bimonthly newspaper Ispod plocnika (Under the pavement) will present it's seventh issue, but also reasons for starting this publication. Main idea behind it is to be media of and for libertarian/anarchist movement, and we can say that it represents continuation (although not completly) of what others started in past publishing Comunitas, Necemo i nedamo, Zaginflatch and wide range of other publications which marked years of activities of libertarian movement in Croatia.
Ispod pločnika brings articles, various translations, reviews of books and other publications, but also it aims to open discussions on theory and practice, combination of ideas on paper and in everyday life, so to avoid just being media.


Saturday, 4th April 2009

10:00 - 15:00
[Petar Preradović square/Cvjetni trg (Flower square)]

Bookfair moves to the square, so the books are available during rush hour... In case of bad weather fair moves back inside in gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium.

[Petar Preradović square/Cvjetni trg (Flower square)]

LUNCH - Food, not bombs! (Hrana, a ne oružje!) is serving a free vegan lunch.

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Presentation of Infoshop Mica-Maca

Infoshop Mica-Maca, first alternative library in Pula founded year ago is one of the most active projects in social center Karlo Rojc. Acitivists of this anarchist project will present their work so far and plans for the future. One of the goals of this project is better cooperation and networking with other anarchist infoshops.

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Food Not Bombs Prague - Solidarity
in Praxis

"Food Not Bombs Prague - Solidarity in Praxis" is short documentary (22 minutes) that tells a story of Prague Food Not Bombs collective and shows the reality of FNB´s work behind the curtain - expectations, plans and reality.
It would be a first public sreening at all - a world premier. :-)

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Presentation of Z magazin for Balkan and Freedom Fight

Activists of Freedom Fight will present Balkan edition of Z magazin and other free publications that they publish. During presentation they will talk about other activities as well, from workers and student struggles to question of refugees...

[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Insurrection in Greece and presentation of Voices of Resistance from Occupied London

Insurrection in Greece had influence on Europe and rest of the world, and after December 2008 it didn't stop, but continued, which in Greece created situation of constant tension and conflict.
Before discussion on insurrection and news on social conflict in Greece and it's influence on events in the world, there will be video projection of Potentiality of Storming Heaven, short documentary (28 minutes) put out in January 2009. Video includes main texts distributed on the streets and images of events.
Also, discussion will include presentation of magazine Voices of Resistance from Occupied London, that deals with insurrection and social conflict in Greece and elsewhere. It's important to note that their blog is one of the important resources for informations on what is really going on in Greece.

Sunday 5th April 2009

10:00 - 15:00
[gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Atrium]

Bookfair - come and have coffee or tea, look for the book you missed the previous days, and spend your sunday morning in a pleasant company... . That would be the closure of the 5th Anarchist bookfair.

All days of bookfair:

Exhibition of two artists living in Italy who will show paintings, installations and a performance in progress interactive with the audience. In Blackbox (basement of gallery).

Tania Lorandi, writes, works on art installation, sculptures and organises exhibitions. She is also involved in PATAPHYSICS on an international level.
Marco Terroni, essentially a painter, proposes implicated images or images of fantasy. He also works on art installations using salvaged doors.

"...The Fox: The language is source of misunderstandings... you'll sit down there and you will look at me... What does TAME mean?
The Small Prince: It means to create TEAS..." (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

'...? because politicians in Italy 'VEIL' a part of 'TIEPOLO's painting of - 'THE TRUTH UNVEILED BY TIME', since it is too erotic...! '