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Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb


March 18th to 20th, 2005

The First Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb will take place on March 18th to 20th, 2005.

This bookfair has been organised as part of a series of Balkan Anarchist Bookfairs, established by anarchist movements in the region. The idea of Balkan Anarchist Bookfairs is to create "travelling events," so the first took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in March 2003, the second will be in Zagreb, and others will follow.

Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb (ASK - Anarhisticki sajam knjiga) aims to become a long-term, developing project. We hope to bring in more and more people every year as participants, publishers, groups, projects - whoever is interested in what the bookfair has to offer.

ASK will take place in Zagreb every spring, as a local resource for anarchist and libertarian books and other publications. We also aim to open discussion on subjects that are important for the anarchist movement, or for our local community.

The idea for such a bookfair is not new, but is based on the positive experience of other Anarchist Bookfairs. In many different situations, these bookfairs have proven to be important events and meeting places on both local and international levels.

This is why we need your help - come and support this event with solidarity and participation!


To help us organize the Bookfair and finish the program on time, we need you to confirm your participation soon as possible. Our e-mail address is: ask-zagreb@net.hr.

Get in touch and let us know in which way you would like to participate. Here are a few questions, and we welcome any additional information.

Also, let us know if you need accommodation. There are a few alternatives, but we need all the details soon as possible.

Some of the details that we need from you:

1. Questions for all guests coming from outside Zagreb:
- how you want to participate?
- do you need help with accommodation?

2. If you would like a booth:
- how big of a booth do you need?
- do you need help at your booth?
- can you help with the costs of the Bookfair? (This is not a condition to have a booth.)

3. If you want to present your work/project:
- how much time do you need for your presentation?
- do you have any technical needs?
- short description

New Strategies for the Anti-capitalist Movement

The discussion section of the Bookfair is open. The first part will consist of presentations of projects. We decided to leave this open for your suggestions, so please feel free to send your ideas.

If you would like to present your project or projects, send a short description of what you would talk about and other details (see number 3, above). The deadline for this is 1st of February 2005, in order to be included in the program.

All questions and suggestions send to our e-mail: ask-zagreb@net.hr


Friday, 18th March 2005
[gallery Nova, Teslina street, Atrij]

15:00 - 21:00
Bookfair - booths with books and other stuff

19:00 - 21:00
Publisher presentations (details will be published later)

Saturday, 19th March 2005
[Petar Preradovic square]

10:00 - 15:00
Bookfair takes to the streets, so books are available during morning coffee in the main square...

16:00 - 21:00
New Strategies for the Anti-capitalist Movement - presentations and discussion.

[discussion location will be published later]

Sunday, 20th March 2005
[gallery Nova, Teslina street, Atrij]

10:00 - 15:00
Bookfair - come for coffee or tea, get some more books... Closing of the Bookfair.

For more information:
web: www.ask-zagreb.org
e-mail: ask-zagreb@net.hr